The Cleansing Breeze


Your Content Goes Here At first glance, vultures are seldom considered as beautiful creatures. Their long necks, beady eyes, and hooked beaks can seem ominous and unappealing. Yet, these huge birds of prey are designed for a mission that is absolutely essential to the balance of life on earth. They

The Cleansing Breeze


Your Content Goes Here At first glance, vultures are seldom considered as beautiful creatures. Their long necks, beady eyes, and hooked beaks can seem ominous and unappealing. Yet, these huge birds of prey are designed for a mission that is absolutely essential to the balance of life on earth. They

When These Stones Speak


Your Content Goes Here In 1941, work on Mt. Rushmore was completed in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The colossal monument—featuring the faces of four presidents—is a silent testimony to American history, the spirit of democracy and something more.  You see, this brilliant work of art also conveys a

Fish Story (Part 2)


Your Content Goes Here In December 1964, the story of a Pacific salmon’s extraordinary journey to reach its home waters captured the imagination of the world. Nicknamed “Indomitable”, a relentless Cojo salmon battled its way through a series of perilous obstacles to reach the exact location where it was born.

Wildflowers & Resurrection


Your Content Goes Here When the snow of winter melts into the promise of spring, the world is filled with hope, renewal and new life. Two events highlight the season: the blossoming of countless acres of wildflowers and the celebration of Easter. When poppies, lupine, and daffodils push their way

Fish Story (Part 1)


Your Content Goes Here The Pacific Salmon is an icon of the animal kingdom and a spectacular example of biological purpose and design in the living world. There are five different species of these remarkable fish, and each year millions of them migrate from the Pacific Ocean to the exact

The Greatest Gift


Your Content Goes Here The story of Christ’s birth begins long before Matthew and Luke’s beloved accounts of shepherds, a stable, and a star that shined over Bethlehem. In the first chapter of John’s gospel, we learn that Jesus was with God and the Holy Spirit before the creation of

The Super Generation


Your Content Goes Here Every year, millions of Monarch butterflies travel up to 2500 miles to reach a dozen small patches of forest in central Mexico. There, they spend the winter safe from the freezing temperatures in Canada and the midwestern United States. These fragile insects have no idea where

Extraordinary Engineers


Your Content Goes Here For more than 20 centuries, mathematicians, artists and engineers have marveled at the structure of the honeybee hive. Comprised of thousands of perfect hexagonal cells, every inch of a honeycomb wall is a masterpiece of design. Now, recent discoveries have cast even greater light on the

Wings Of Wonder


Your Content Goes Here A hummingbird in flight is among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Designed to hover and fly in every direction (including up-side-down), these tiny birds are endowed with aeronautical abilities that have fascinated scientists and school children for centuries. But how are they capable of such

Let the Fire Fall


Your Content Goes Here Every February, a stunning natural phenomenon lights up a granite cliff face in Yosemite Valley. Now known as the “Firefall”, this wondrous display appears for a few minutes on clear nights at sunset during the last two weeks of February. The Yosemite Firefall is the result

The Elephant’s Trunk


Your Content Goes Here Few animals in the living world are more intriguing and beloved than elephants. Beyond their size and power, they are endowed with impressive intelligence, memory, and manual dexterity. Their trunks (equipped with more than 40,000 individual muscles) are marvels of biological engineering and the subject of

The Hole


Your Content Goes Here There is a spiritual vacuum in every human heart that can only be filled by God’s forgiveness and transformational grace. Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creation. Related Videos THE ANSWER WHO WAS JESUS?

The Universal Need


Your Content Goes Here Every human being is separated from God by sin. The solution to this universal dilemma is salvation by grace made possible through the death of Jesus. Featuring Craig Hazen, Greg Koukl, J.P. Moreland, Ben Witherington, Lee Strobel and N.T. Wright. Related

The Uniqueness of Jesus


Your Content Goes Here Jesus’ claim to be God, and his resurrection from the dead, set him apart from any other religious leader in history. Featuring Craig Hazen, Greg Koukl, Ben Witherington, N.T. Wright, Lee Strobel and J.P. Moreland. Related Videos WHY IS

The Tail of a Kite


Your Content Goes Here On a beautiful afternoon in San Diego a stunt kite lights up the sky with an unforgettable aerial display. Yet, there is much more to this performance than just spectacular color and movement. As the fragile aircraft races through the sky, its erratic path becomes a

God Knows


Your Content Goes Here One of God’s unique attributes is omniscience—the ability to comprehend every detail of the past, present, and future with perfect wisdom and knowledge. The Scriptures tell us that He calls every star in the universe by name and knew each of us before we were born.

Victory Over Doubt


Your Content Goes Here After more than 50 years of ministry, Lynn Anderson offers practical steps that can strengthen faith in the face of our inevitable doubts. Related Videos MARK 9:24 STRUGGLING WITH DOUBT GIVE US THIS DAY

Doubt and Abraham


Your Content Goes Here Abraham is called the “father of the faithful.” Yet, on several occasions his faith in God’s provision was clouded by doubt. Lynn Anderson discusses how faith can be mixed with uncertainty, even in the lives of the strongest believers. Related Videos

Doubt and the Psalms


Your Content Goes Here For 3000 years, the Psalms have been the prayers and hymns of God’s people. Lynn Anderson explains how they compel us to explore our doubts about God and express them to him honestly. Related Videos MARK 9:24

Mark 9:24


Your Content Goes Here Does the presence of doubt disqualify us as true believers in God? Lynn Anderson explores this question in light of the Scriptures – specifically, a father’s plea to Jesus in the Gospel of Mark: “Lord, I believe, but help me with my unbelief.”

The Evidence of Biological Information


Your Content Goes Here In the final leg of his investigation, Lee Strobel explores new discoveries in the field of genetic information. Locked within the DNA molecule is the blueprint for every cell in a living organism. This “language of life” is, perhaps, the most compelling single piece of evidence

The Evidence of Biological Machines


Your Content Goes Here Lee Strobel’s investigation turned to the microscopic universe of the living cell and the science of biochemistry. There he encountered new challenges to Darwinian evolution and new evidence for intelligent design – particularly in the molecular machines that drive the vital functions of life.

The Evidence of a Habitable Planet


Your Content Goes Here Lee Strobel’s journey through a universe finely tuned for life inevitably led him home–to Earth, the blue jewel of our solar system. There he encountered another array of critically balanced conditions essential to human existence and all life on our planet.

The Evidence of Physics


Your Content Goes Here Since the beginning of time, all the matter in the universe has been governed by precisely balanced laws and constants. Lee Strobel learned how these laws pointed unmistakably to the existence of a Creator and a cosmos finely tuned for life.

The Evidence of Cosmology


Your Content Goes Here Lee Strobel’s rejection of God was also based on the belief that the universe was nothing more than the product of random processes and chemical evolution. His search for truth led him to the work of astronomer Edwin Hubble and some of the greatest discoveries in

The Shepherd’s Psalm


Your Content Goes Here Throughout the Scriptures we discover a beautiful connection between the inspired Word of God and the glorious wonders of His creation. Everyday, God reveals glimpses of His attributes through the things He has made and the spiritual truths He has proclaimed. Perhaps no single passage in

The Negative Evidence


Your Content Goes Here Lee Strobel’s search for the truth about the existence of a Creator began with an examination of evidence that challenged materialistic theories of life’s origin. He focused on the incredible geological discoveries of the Cambrian fossil record and Stanley Miller’s famous 1953 attempt generate the components

A Skeptic’s Journey Begins


Your Content Goes Here Lee Strobel was an award-winning journalist…and a life-long agnostic. After his wife made the decision to embrace the Christian faith, Strobel set out to prove that there was no God. His extensive research in the fields of astronomy, cosmology, biology, and the fossil record led him

Dwell on These Things


Your Content Goes Here While under house arrest in 62 AD, the apostle Paul wrote a letter to a church in the Roman colony of Philippi. He was no stranger to adversity. Yet, instead of collapsing under the weight of difficult circumstances, Paul discovered supernatural peace and joy. His inspired

Come Let Us Adore Him


Your Content Goes Here Celebrate Christmas with a breathtaking tour of Earth from the perspective of the International Space Station. Photographed at night more than 200 miles above the surface of our planet, this unforgettable video is a unique call to worship and rejoice in the greatest gift the world

Living Machine


Your Content Goes Here Few creatures in the animal kingdom can capture the imagination more powerfully than a hummingbird. Their aeronautical abilities are stunning. But the genius of these birds isn’t limited to flight. Each day, they must consume twice their body weight in nectar to fuel their voracious metabolisms.

One Solitary Life


Your Content Goes Here On July 11, 1926, James Allan Francis – a pastor and author – delivered a sermon to the Baptist Young People’s Union in Los Angeles. His stirring message ended with an unforgettable description of the life of Jesus. Francis’s words soon took on a life of

A Monarch’s Journey


Your Content Goes Here Every year hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies migrate thousands of miles to a secluded patch of forest in central Mexico. There, they spend the winter to ensure the survival of their species. This perilous journey—made by insects weighing less than an ounce—is one of the

Lincoln’s Prayer


Your Content Goes Here In the spring of 1863, America stood on the brink of collapse as the Civil War turned the country into a house divided. At the height of this tragedy, Abraham Lincoln issued an appeal for national repentance, fasting, and prayer. Today, more than 150 years later,

The Answer


Your Content Goes Here The search for the answer to why evil and suffering exist ultimately leads to the mind, heart and purposes of God. Featuring Lee Strobel, Joni Eareckson Tada, N.T. Wright, Greg Koukl and J.P. Moreland. Related Videos SUFFERING AND THE

Communion on the Moon


Your Content Goes Here On July 20, 1969 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. Prior to taking their first steps on the lunar surface, Aldrin celebrated communion to honor the God who had made their journey possible. After returning to Earth he noted that the first

My Favorite Season


Your Content Goes Here Each year the arrival of spring triggers an explosion of color, energy and life as our planet awakens from the dormancy of winter. This extraordinary season of renewal also serves as a powerful reminder of the most important event in history—the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Worst Moment in History


Your Content Goes Here Through the resurrection of Jesus, God transformed the worst event the world has ever known into the greatest possible good – the salvation of humanity. Featuring N.T. Wright, Peter Kreeft, Greg Koukl, J.P. Moreland and Lee Strobel. Related Videos

Merry Christmas From the Moon


Your Content Goes Here On December 24, 1968 three American astronauts orbited the moon for the first time. During their tenth and final orbit they broadcast an unforgettable message to the largest television audience in history. Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders—the crew of Apollo 8—read the opening verses

My Only Hope


Your Content Goes Here The rugged grandeur of the Pacific coast creates a 1600-mile mural of natural wonder. This memorable tour of some of the most scenic locations on earth inspires a sense of reverence and awe for the holiness of God. Featuring passages from Job and the Psalms,

Seek First His Kingdom


Your Content Goes Here Spectacular blossoms unfold, wildflowers carpet hillsides in the spring, and hummingbirds perform their aerial magic. This celebration of nature brings to life a cherished promise from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Featuring the hymn TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS. Related

A New Creation


Your Content Goes Here Spectacular butterfly photography is a vivid metaphor for one of the Bible’s greatest promises: “Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation.” Featuring Scriptures from II Corinthians and Psalm 139, and the timeless hymns AMAZING GRACE and IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.

Living Water


Your Content Goes Here Experience the magnificent waterfalls and rivers of the Pacific Northwest in this memorable devotion to Jesus – the source of the water of life. Featuring Scriptures from the Gospel of John and the hymn COME THOU FONT OF EVERY BLESSING. Related

An Everlasting Sign


Your Content Goes Here Celebrate the glories of the seasons in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Vermont, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. Scriptures from the Old Testament book of Isaiah are dramatically underscored by the hymn BE THOU MY VISION. Related Videos LIVING

The Heavens Declare


Your Content Goes Here Explore the depths of the universe from the vantage points of the Hubble Space telescope and the International Space Station. Then, reflect on God’s creative power through inspired passages from the Psalms, Job and Isaiah. Featuring elegant renditions of O FOR A THOUSAND TONGUES and

Whiter Than Snow


Your Content Goes Here The snow-covered beauty of Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountains is the backdrop for this inspiring mediation on Psalm 51. Featuring the beloved hymn WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS. Related Videos THE HEAVENS DECLARE

Messianic Prophecy – Calvary


Your Content Goes Here When the Old Testament prophets wrote of the Messiah’s death, Roman crucifixion was still centuries from invention. Yet, their descriptions of the events that took place at Golgotha were astonishingly accurate. Featuring Lee Strobel, Greg Laurie and Ed Hindson. Related Videos

One in 10,000


Your Content Goes Here On his 18th birthday, Tim Hornor suffered a devastating accident that paralyzed him from the neck down. Surgeons estimated his odds of recovery at “one-in-10,000.” As Tim’s family and friends prayed for healing, God answered in a miraculous way. Related Videos

Messianic Prophecy – Isaiah 53


Your Content Goes Here The 53rd chapter of Isaiah has been called the cornerstone of Messianic prophecy because of its accurate description of Jesus’ mission and sacrificial death. He was the suffering servant and the Lamb of God. Featuring Amnon Shor, Ed Hindson and Greg Laurie.

As We Forgive


Your Content Goes Here Vera Schlamm, a holocaust survivor, recounts how, through the power of prayer and the love of God, she was able to forgive the Nazis who imprisoned and tortured her family during WWII. Related Videos GIVE US THIS DAY

In the Face of Loss


Your Content Goes Here The tragic death of a teenage girl, days before her high school graduation, led to an outpouring of prayer that touched the world. This is the story of Karen Johnson. Related Videos GIVE US THIS DAY THE

Give Us This Day


Your Content Goes Here In September 1978, Franciscan priests arrived in Philadelphia to begin a ministry to the homeless. Their only resources were faith and prayer. Three years later, they established the St. Francis Inn – a lighthouse of compassion and hope that still shines in one of America’s poorest

The Touch of His Hand


Your Content Goes Here After suffering a seemingly permanent injury to his vocal cords, Rev. Duane Miller gave up the pastorate of his church. During the next three years, Miller sought the counsel of 63 specialists in an effort to regain his voice. No one could help him. Then, on

Starling Murmurations


Your Content Goes Here On a winter evening in England a flock of 200,000 European starlings congregate to soar in breathtaking formations before roosting for the night. These incredible displays of aerial precision are truly a wonder of creation. Related Videos A BIRD

Of Fingertips and Galaxies


Your Content Goes Here In May 2019, an international team of astronomers released one of the most important photographs in history. For 16 years, the Hubble Space Telescope surveyed a pinpoint of outer space previously believed to be relatively empty. When 7500 separate images were assembled into a comprehensive mosaic,

Uplifting Story


Your Content Goes Here Earth is filled with spectacular natural wonders and many of them are so common or small we pass by them each day without a glance or second thought. Vivid examples are the parachutes on the puff ball of a dandelion. Recent discoveries by an international team



Your Content Goes Here The migration journey of the Pacific Salmon is iconic. Relying on their incredible sense of smell and internal navigation systems, the fish travel from the Pacific Ocean to the exact river or stream where they hatched years before. The biological engineering involved is sophisticated, highly accurate,

Packages of Life


Your Content Goes Here The remarkable cone of a knobcone pine tree is both an impenetrable vault and a launch pad for flying seeds that can restore a devastated forest. Watch an incredible provision for life and evidence for intelligent design in this fascinating video.

Wood Wide Web


Your Content Goes Here For all of its power and global scale, it’s possible the largest and most important social media network on our planet isn’t the World Wide Web. Instead, scientists have identified and studied underground communication systems--made of fungi and roots—that enable trees to exchange nutrients, nurture their



Your Content Goes Here Dolphins rank among the most intelligent, elegant and popular animals on earth. There are at least 37 different species, and they thrive in oceans throughout the world. A dolphin’s sophisticated echolocation system enables it to effectively navigate and hunt for food in often dark and murky

It’s a Wonderful Telescope


Your Content Goes Here On Christmas Day 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched into an orbit that would position the instrument more than a million miles from Earth. It was a banner achievement in the history of astronomy for this extraordinary tool of exploration is at least 100



Your Content Goes Here It’s not particularly big, fast, or strong, yet the archerfish is one of the most proficient hunters in all of nature. Inhabiting shallow estuaries from India to Australia, the archer generates powerful jets of fluid that routinely dislodge insects clinging to branches up to six feet

God’s Gallery


Your Content Goes Here It has been said that “nature is the art of God.” When looking at our planet from 200 miles above its surface, the truth of that observation comes into magnificent focus. This unforgettable video is a celebration of Earth’s natural beauty and the artistry of its

Newton’s God


Your Content Goes Here Sir Isaac Newton. The name is on every shortlist of “the greatest scientific minds in history.” By the age of 25, Newton had laid the foundations for his monumental discoveries of the laws of motion, principles of optics and light, and the invention of calculus. More

Fantastic Fireflies


Your Content Goes Here In a world filled with living wonders, fireflies rank among the most fascinating and unique. These insects are bioluminescent—they produce their own illumination through a complex chemical process that takes place inside of their abdomens. Their bright flashes are patterned to create distinctive codes that attract

Birds of the Sun


Your Content Goes Here Every year, the Arctic tern (a bird weighing less than five ounces) completes one of the greatest journeys in the animal kingdom. In their constant search for daylight, moderate temperatures and small fish on which to feed, the terns literally follow the sun from the North

A Whale of a Story


Your Content Goes Here Humpback whales. They are among the largest and most magnificent creatures on Earth. But how did these warm blooded, air-breathing, fully aquatic mammals come into existence? Evolutionary scientists have long proposed a slow, gradual process driven by random mutations and natural selection. Yet, 21st century biology



Your Content Goes Here It has been said that nature is often the greatest inspiration for human technology. An excellent example of this observation is the winged seed of a maple tree. These fragile, yet ingenious creations are designed to transport packages of life more than mile from their parent

Skeleton Keys


Your Content Goes Here Sir Isaac Newton once wrote that “in the absence of any other proof, my thumb alone would convince me of God’s existence.” Newton’s observation takes on even greater relevance when applied to the 206 bones that make up the human skeleton. In this engaging video, you’ll

God is in the Details


Your Content Goes Here There’s an old proverb that says, “God is in the details.” The truth of those words has never been more obvious. Every day, 21st century technology opens extraordinary windows on biological systems once too small to see with our unaided eyes. In this fascinating video, superb

The Genius of Flight


Your Content Goes Here Few sights in nature are as beautiful and wondrous as a bird in the air. This visually stunning short film explores the biological systems that make avian flight possible. In the process, compelling evidence for the purpose, foresight, and design on display throughout the created order

Find the Way Home


Your Content Goes Here Of all the epic animal migrations on earth, the sea turtle’s odyssey is one of the most remarkable. After hatching, baby sea turtles instinctively race to the sea where they float, swim, and grow for many years. Then, after reaching maturity, each uses a sophisticated navigational

God Doesn’t Make Junk


Your Content Goes Here On a planet filled with living organisms that are wonderfully equipped to travel though water, one surprising creature stands out as the most efficient swimmer of them all—the jellyfish. This remarkable animal has no skeleton, blood or heart, yet it’s designed to expend the least amount

The Jewels of Winter


Your Content Goes Here On a winter morning they fall gracefully from the sky. Snowflakes – some of the most beautiful works of art to adorn planet earth. But how do these extraordinary creations take shape? Through breathtaking macro and time-lapse photography and computer animation, explore the science behind the

Super Starlings


Your Content Goes Here It is considered to be one of the most thrilling displays of animal behavior on earth – a hundred thousand starlings in flight. These small birds gather into highly coordinated formations, while moving at speeds up to 50mph. But how is such precision possible without instruction

The Call of Creation


Your Content Goes Here In Romans 1:20 the Apostle Paul explained that glimpses of God’s invisible attributes and divine character are revealed through the things He has made. In other words, the entire created order – including the universe, planet earth and every living creature – tells us something important

18 Trillion Feet of You


Your Content Goes Here Enter a living human cell to discover a world of unimaginable precision, complexity and design. Measuring less than 2/1000th of an inch in diameter, the cell is packed with molecular machinery that makes life possible. These microscopic wonders include our DNA – the genetic code. Through

An Everyday Miracle


Your Content Goes Here Few events in nature can rival the extraordinary life cycle of a butterfly. This stunning transformation from a slow, earth-bound caterpillar to a magnificent flying insect is the epitome of mystery and wonder. Through breathtaking photography and cutting edge research you’ll explore this miracle of God’s

In the Image of God


Your Content Goes Here Of all the world’s wonders there is perhaps none greater than God’s creation of human life. From physical gifts like our opposable thumbs and the ability to walk upright, to our capacity for self-awareness, speech, creativity and rational thought, we are, to quote the psalmist, “fearfully

Absolutely Awn-Some


Your Content Goes Here A ripened fruit catapults its seeds to fertile soil. Dead tissue is energized to move dynamically under its own power. A seed sows itself. Witness all this and more in the fascinating life cycle of a plant known as stork’s bill. This unforgettable video is a

A Hummingbird’s Tongue


Your Content Goes Here To fuel its heart and wings, a hummingbird eats 4-8 times an hour. The mechanisms that enable the bird to consume several times its body weight in nectar each day are revealed in this unforgettable study of biological engineering and intelligent design.

Ode to the Animals


Your Content Goes Here There are at least six million species of animals and each is a masterpiece of biological design, engineering and artistry. Reflect upon the brilliance of God’s creative power in this unforgettable celebration of life on Earth. Related Videos STARLING

Beauty, Darwin & Design


Your Content Goes Here Charles Darwin once wrote that the sight of a male peacock’s tail made him physically ill. Why? Because he knew that the gratuitous beauty so prevalent throughout the living world points unmistakably to intelligent design, foresight and plan. Explore the artistry and stunning implications of natural

First Life


Your Content Goes Here How did life on Earth begin? Are plants, animals and human beings the products of blind chance and random interactions of matter and energy? Or are the complexity, beauty and diversity inherent in all living organisms confirmation of intelligent design and purpose? Explore the evidence in

Heavenly Fire


Your Content Goes Here The Auroras (or Northern and Southern Lights) rank among the seven greatest natural wonders in the world. For millennia, they have captured the imaginations of anyone who has witnessed their ethereal beauty in the polar skies. HEAVENLY FIRE: The Mystery of the Auroras is an

David and the Pale Blue Dot


Your Content Goes Here On February 14, 1990, the Voyager 1 spacecraft photographed Earth from 3.7 billion miles away. The result was one of the most iconic images in history. Astronomer Carl Sagan called it the “pale blue dot”—a reflection of Earth’s insignificance in the cosmos. But, is our planet

How Many Stars?


Your Content Goes Here The question is timeless. Pondered, throughout history, by human beings of every culture, age, and nationality: how many stars are there in the universe? This fascinating film explores worlds gigantic and microscopic to reveal answers that challenge our perceptions of creation. Travel with us through

God and the Astronomer


Your Content Goes Here In 1929, astronomer Edwin Hubble confirmed that the universe was expanding. This discovery strongly implied that the cosmos had a beginning in the finite past. Robert Jastrow, founding director of NASA’s Goddard Space Institute, reflects on how contemporary evidence—when objectively viewed—points to the existence of a

Big Universe. Bigger God.


Your Content Goes Here Take a journey from Earth to the edge of the observable universe—in seven unforgettable minutes. Spectacular computer animation will transport you 45 billion light years to discover glimpses of God’s creative power and divine attributes as revealed through the wonders of the cosmos he once spoke

A Bird is Born


Your Content Goes Here Enter a fertilized egg to witness the growth of a chicken embryo—a process similar to the development of almost every species of bird. Spectacular animation and live action document extraordinary biological organization from a few cells into an avian masterpiece. Related

A Perfect Solar Eclipse


Your Content Goes Here A total eclipse of the sun is a mysteriously beautiful display of God’s design and purpose. Explore the science and significance of one of the most remarkable wonders in the universe. Related Videos A HUMMINGBIRD’S TONGUE STARLING

The Exodus Explored – Introduction


Your Content Goes Here THE EXODUS EXPLORED is a fascinating search for evidence of Israel’s flight from Egypt more than 3400 years ago. Did the Israelites actually cross the Red Sea? Where is Mt. Sinai? Is the Biblical account historically viable? In 12 short provocative films you’ll travel from



Your Content Goes Here The resurrection of Jesus was also confirmed by the dramatic transformation of his closest disciples in the face of persecution by the Roman Empire. Featuring J.P. Moreland, Gary Habermas, Lee Strobel, Mark Strauss and N.T. Wright. Related Videos Resurrection

The Empty Tomb


Your Content Goes Here The reality of the empty tomb was confirmed by hundreds of eyewitnesses, Roman historical accounts, first century tradition and the rapid growth of the early Christian church. Featuring Mike Licona, Mark Strauss, Lee Strobel, J.P. Moreland, Gary Habermas, William Lane Craig and Craig Evans.

Death & Resurrection


Your Content Goes Here Jesus’ death and resurrection were the ultimate proofs of his claim to deity. Featuring Mike Licona, N.T. Wright, Mark Strauss, J.P. Moreland, William Lane Craig and Lee Strobel. Related Videos Resurrection & Return THE EMPTY TOMB

Messianic Prophecies


Your Content Goes Here Dozens of prophecies that foretold details about the Messiah’s birth, ministry, death and resurrection are found throughout the Old Testament. Jesus fulfilled each of them. Featuring Michael Rydelnik, Mark Strauss and Lee Strobel. Related Videos Resurrection & Return

The Miracles of Jesus


Your Content Goes Here The Gospels record that Jesus performed at least 40 separate miracles. What do they tell us about his true identity? Featuring Craig Evans, Michael Rydelnik, Lee Strobel, Mark Strauss and Ben Witherington III. Related Videos WHO WAS JESUS?

Who Was Jesus?


Your Content Goes Here The implications of Jesus’ claim to be God are investigated. What did he mean when he called himself the “Son of Man” and the “fulfillment of prophecy”? Featuring Ben Witherington III, Michael Rydelnik, Mark Strauss and Craig Evans. Related Videos

Other Gospels?


Your Content Goes Here The content and validity of the so-called “Gnostic gospels” is evaluated. Are they authentic accounts of New Testament events? Featuring Lee Strobel, Mark Strauss, CraIg Evans and N.T. Wright. Related Videos WHO WAS JESUS? Messianic Prophecies

How Accurate are the Gospels?


Your Content Goes Here Oral tradition, the age and quantity of ancient manuscripts, and extra-biblical evidence all point to the accuracy of the Gospels. Featuring Craig Blomberg, J.P. Moreland, Craig Evans and Lee Strobel. Related Videos CAN THE GOSPELS BE TRUSTED? WHO

Can the Gospels be trusted?


Your Content Goes Here Are the Gospels eyewitness accounts of actual people and events? This question is crucial to any discussion about the validity of Scripture. Featuring N.T. Wright, Lee Strobel, Mark Strauss and J.P. Moreland. Related Videos HOW ACCURATE ARE THE GOSPELS?

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