I never cease to be amazed at how God uses projects we worked on long ago for purposes we never dreamed possible during the moments of their production. Here’s a recent example. Last year while I was in Oregon visiting my grandkids, some footage we had shot in 1994 came to mind, for no obvious reason. I called Jerry to make sure we still had it in our files. When he confirmed that we did, I told him that I thought this material could help us in a future John 10:10 Project video.

Our initial photography had taken place while we were still working at Moody Institute of Science–three years before the launch of Illustra Media. The footage I wanted to locate featured some of the most fascinating creatures I have ever seen: Archerfish. These small, exotic swimmers spit jet streams at prey up to six feet above the surface of the water with an accuracy rate of more than 94%.

This high rate of success hinges upon the fish’s uncanny ability to make instantaneous calculations that involve the laws of optics and gravity, an understanding of fluid dynamics and a working knowledge of physics. It’s another spectacular display of design, purpose and the undeniable existence of a Creator. You can see how it all works in our newest John 10:10 Project video, SHARPSHOOTER. It’s a production 28 years in the making.

Our eyes, minds and hearts never tire of exploring the sheer wonder that God has instilled into every molecule of every living organism on our planet. We love producing these videos and then sharing them throughout the world. I am more convinced than ever that the Lord speaks to us eloquently through all that He has made.

Thanks for your interest, support and continual encouragement.

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