Skeleton Keys

This is the time of year when skeletons make their annual surge into popular culture. They seem to be everywhere during these weeks prior to Halloween.  I see them on the porches of the houses I jog by in the morning. They’re the featured themes for competitive baking shows on the Food Channel. Large quantities of floor space in every Home Depot are devoted to elaborate re-creations that light up, move, and make ominous sounds.

This commercial army of skeletons is assembled to create a scary, foreboding atmosphere conducive with the season. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. You see, our skeletons aren’t objects to be feared—they’re actually glorious displays of God’s creative power that should inspire endless joy and thanksgiving.

This month’s featured John 10:10 Project video, SKELETON KEYS, celebrates the human skeletal system. In it, you’ll catch a glimpse of the extraordinary care and craftsmanship God has orchestrated throughout the 206 bones that ensure every movement we make. Take four minutes to watch and marvel at His wondrous works. I think it will put a genuine “treat” into your Halloween. To God be the glory

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