Newton’s God

Today, we’re pleased to present NEWTON’S GOD. It’s a short exploration of the life and faith of Sir Isaac Newton, the British physicist who has often been called the greatest scientist in history. Newton’s contributions to the development of physics, calculus, the laws of motion, and the properties of light, have been universally recognized and applied for centuries. But this story extends beyond the physical realm. You see, Isaac Newton viewed his work as an extension of his deep and abiding faith in the Creator of the universe.

This month’s new John 10:10 Project video was actually several years in the making. I first learned of the story in 2018. It intrigued me, but I couldn’t figure out a way to effectively produce it with a limited budget. Early this year, Jerry Harned found the solution.

We’ve long relied on computer animation to help tell our stories. In February 2022, Jerry came up with a plan to use this technology to build the key elements in the new video. For almost four months his computers have chugged away 24 hours-a-day, rendering the final three minutes of the show.  A few days ago, I saw the finished product for the first time.  It is some of Jerry’s finest work and a fitting celebration of the powerful bond that can exist between science and faith. I hope you enjoy NEWTON’S GOD as much as we did producing it.

As I’ve said so many times before (and will continue to say in the future), thank you so much for standing with us in this ministry. Your faithfulness and encouragement are continual blessings. The John 10:10 Project isn’t possible without you.

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