The Tail of a Kite

People sometimes ask me where we get our ideas for the films we produce.  My initial answer is, “Almost anywhere.” During the past 45 years I’ve been inspired by magazine and Internet articles, conversations with friends, emails from folks I’ve never met, places I’ve visited on vacation, television shows, and even plants I’ve encountered in my backyard (dandelions and stork’s bill). You never know, so you’re always looking for where God is going to lead you next. This month’s new John 10:10 Project video is a perfect example of how this process can work.

Several weeks ago my wife, Joni, and I took a drive down to San Diego. We stopped at a park next to Seaport Village. It was a perfect day with clear blue skies and a breeze blowing in off the harbor. We set up our lawn chairs and watched as several kites filled the air. One of them was a stunt kite with a 75-foot tail. I was mesmerized by the spectacular display of aerial acrobatics and the skill of the pilot who orchestrated an unforgettable performance. After a few minutes, I had a distinct sense that I was watching the subject matter of a future video.

I won’t upstage the show’s message, other than to say that when I got up the morning of our trip, I had no clue God was going to impress upon my heart a powerful spiritual metaphor that applied directly to my life. I hope it’s an insight that blesses and encourages you, too.  Jerry and I are honored to present the world premiere of THE TAIL OF A KITE.

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