Find the Way Home

Over the years, Jerry Harned and I have been blessed to explore the details of some incredible animal life cycles. In the process, we’ve photographed and studied biological attributes and behaviors that have often made me step back, shake my head in amazement, and exclaim to anyone within earshot: That’s absolutely impossible without the direct intervention of a supernatural designer!

Specifically, I’m talking about the epic migrations upon which the survival of an entire species is at stake (i.e., Monarch butterflies, Arctic Terns and Pacific Salmon). I love these types of stories because they involve daunting physical obstacles, seemingly impossible odds against success, and undeniable evidence of design, purpose, and the creative power of God. That’s certainly the case with our newest John 10:10 Project release FIND THE WAY HOME.

This short video will transport you on a voyage that spans thousands of miles in the open sea. You’ll travel without an ocean liner, multi-million-dollar GPS system, or cell phones to call the Coast Guard for help along the way.  Instead, you’ll dive into the Atlantic Ocean with hatchling sea turtles–small, fragile creatures (they weigh less than eight ounces at birth) that travel alone on an odyssey to ensure a new generation. Each is equipped with a sophisticated navigational system that guides them flawlessly through uncharted waters.  And each reveals new wonders and confirmation of the God who once spoke them into existence.  I hope you enjoy this remarkable journey.  Bon Voyage.

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