God Doesn’t Make Junk

Over the years, a highlight of our work has been the opportunity to explore a hallmark of the animal and plant kingdoms: The spectacular examples of biological engineering that fill the living world.

We’ve photographed and animated a dolphin’s elaborate sonar navigation system…the skeletal and muscular systems that enable a snow goose to fly…the ingenious construction of a hummingbird’s tongue…the design of a dandelion puff that ensures optimal dispersal…and the process by which living cells are formed in a human body. It has been an exciting and gratifying experience.

This month we continue our wonder-filled journey with a look at an animal that expends the least amount of energy as it travels through water. It has been called “the most efficient swimmer on the planet”.  I learned about this creature’s remarkable ability two years ago in an article that appeared in a major scientific journal. At the time, I filed it away in my “future ideas” folder. Today, the future has arrived.  Jerry and I are pleased to announce the premiere of the newest John 10:10 Project video and yet another incredible example of biological engineering.  I hope you enjoy GOD DOESN’T MAKE JUNK.

I love subject matter like this because of its power to present clear and compelling evidence for the reality of a supernatural Creator. Regardless of our age, nationality, worldview or level of education, God speaks to us constantly through the things He has made. All we need to do is look and consider His message with open hearts and minds.

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