The Jewels of Winter

I grew up in Chula Vista, California, a small town in the extreme southwest corner of the “sunshine” state. In the winter, the afternoon temperature ranged from about 55-70F. Not exactly Antarctica. Sometimes we’d get fog and a little rain. Other than on television, I didn’t see snow until I was 11 years old. For the past four weeks, I’ve been making up for lost time.

Jerry and I are pleased to kick off our 2021 schedule of new John 10:10 Project videos with a brand-new episode that gave us the opportunity to study snow in a way few people ever do – through time-lapse photography and the lenses of high-powered microscopes. The views are incredible.

Specifically, we’ve been exploring snowflakes and the wondrous process of their construction. These delicate masterpieces are actually the products of temperature, humidity, wind speed, the chemical properties of water molecules, and the natural laws that govern everything that exists in the universe – laws established and calibrated by the master Designer.

I hope you enjoy THE JEWELS OF WINTER. For a snow-deprived kid from Southern California who grew up to be a filmmaker, writing and producing it has provided a stunning look at God’s creation that I’ll never forget.

Please continue to share these videos with your family, friends, and anyone else you can connect with via social media. Because of your help, this ministry continues to grow throughout the United State and the rest of the world.

Our thankfulness for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support is beyond my ability to adequately express.

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