The Case for a Creator

Over the years we’ve been blessed by many friendships that have led to several wonderful opportunities for ministry. These often-unexpected bonds have opened doors to the production of some of our most impactful films, including the seven John 1010 Project videos we’re releasing this week.

In 1996, I met Steve Meyer of the Discovery Institute. That summer I flew up to Spokane, Washington, where Steve introduced me to the theory of intelligent design and some of the most powerful evidence for the existence of God I’d ever encountered. Then, in 2005, I was introduced to Lee Strobel, one of the shining lights in the field of Biblical apologetics. A year later, Jerry Harned and I worked with Lee and Steve on a film adaptation of Strobel’s New York Times best-selling book, THE CASE FOR A CREATOR.

Now, this month, we’re pleased to announce another product of these relationships. We’ve edited the feature length version of THE CASE FOR A CREATOR into seven short stand-alone modules. Each focuses on specific evidence for intelligent design in the universe. You can watch them now by clicking any of the links below.

I hope you find these short videos to be valuable tools in your personal ministry. They outline compelling scientific logic and evidence for design in clear and convincing ways. Thanks for partnering with us.

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