One in 10,000

As we enter the final hours of a year that has been awfully dark and frustrating, I thought I’d send you one final dose of hope.

Throughout 2020, we’ve tried to share videos that, for a few moments, would focus your heart and mind directly on the things of God.  Stories that would whack a path through the jungle of discouragement and uncertainty to reveal the light, peace, and joy that can only come from our Creator and Lord.

With that in mind, I’m sending a John 10:10 Project film that we produced many years ago.  It’s an unforgettable story of the Lord’s grace and healing power amidst circumstances that seemed impossible to overcome.  We love and serve a great God who wants to wrap us safely in His everlasting arms. I pray that you sense that reality as you watch ONE IN 10,000.

May God’s presence and power overwhelm you throughout 2021. Thank you for enabling us to produce films and videos that are touching lives throughout the world. Have a blessed New Year.

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