One Solitary Life

I’ve received hundreds of Christmas gifts during the course of my life. Some of them I particularly remember, including: the “Yogi Berra” catcher’s mitt my dad bought me when I was nine years old (I still have it); the plaster hand prints my four sons made when they were each in kindergarten; and the heirloom Bible my grandmother entrusted to me a couple of years before she went to Heaven.

Those are all wonderful memories filled with profound meaning and heartfelt emotions that I’ll never forget. But as much as those gifts meant to me, there is another Christmas present that is even more significant in my life—the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

In our final John 10:10 Project video of 2020, ONE SOLITARY LIFE, we celebrate Jesus’ birth and life in a short film inspired by a beloved essay written by James A. Francis in 1926. I pray its message will encourage you and your family during this Christmas season. Consider it a small token of our appreciation for your encouragement, prayers, and support throughout this challenging year.

For the entire Illustra Media team, may God’s greatest gift fill your heart and mind with the peace that surpasses all understanding.

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