Lincoln’s Prayer

Let me begin by saying that the John 10:10 Project video we are premiering today differs significantly from the previous eleven new films we’ve produced and shared with you this year. You see, LINCOLN’S PRAYER doesn’t explore a specific physical wonder of God’s creation. There are no galaxies, dandelions, or DNA molecules this week. Instead, the video’s focus is on a moment in history with unmistakable parallels to the one we’re living though, right now.

In the spring of 1863, the United States was torn by political and ideological differences that had exploded into two years of civil war. In response to this devastating crisis, Abraham Lincoln implored his broken nation to repent, fast and pray for God’s healing and forgiveness.

Lincoln’s decision was inspired. He knew there was no human device or intervention that could truly heal America’s wounds. One hundred fifty-seven years later, I believe that’s still the case because whether our personal affiliations gravitate toward red states or blue, right wing or left, Fox News or CNN … only God can create genuine unity, righteousness, and peace in our land. Like our 16th president, may we each humbly and earnestly seek the Lord’s direction and grace during these difficult times. I hope LINCOLN’S PRAYER speaks to your heart as much as producing it has spoken to mine.

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