The Worst Moment in History

If I were to rank the least pleasurable times in my life, the past three or four weeks would be near the top of my list. This pandemic has tested my patience and faith in ways I’d never experienced before. Yet, the uncertainty of an invisible adversary, the inconvenience of the lockdown, and the sting of death (a friend from my church died of Covid-19 last week), all pale in comparison to the event we commemorate today.

We all know the story. God descends to Earth as a human being with the most powerful and important message ever communicated. He’s betrayed and denied by His closest friends, unjustly convicted in a sham of a trial, then tortured and executed in the most excruciating manner ever conceived. Why? Because He loved us unconditionally. Try to make an ounce of sense out of that.

On this sixth day of the Passion week, I thought it fitting to share a short film Jerry Harned, Tim Eaton, and I were privileged to work on several years ago, THE WORST MOMENT IN HISTORY. It’s a reminder of how God can turn the most difficult circumstances in our lives into unimaginable hope and triumph.

Good Friday, indeed. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

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