Uplifting Story

Through the years, Jerry and I have researched, photographed, and told the stories of hundreds of marvelous creations that–in their own unique ways–shout out a message to the world in a universal language: YES, THERE IS A GOD … and He demonstrates His reality 24/7/365 through the things He has made!

The power of a humpback whale. A field of poppies in full bloom. The effortless grace of an eagle in flight. The grandeur of a redwood forest. It’s easy to see God in such visually stunning displays.

But, there are other masterpieces we’ve encountered that weren’t so obvious. Familiar, less sensational subjects we could have easily overlooked. Yet, when we’ve stopped to examine them closely, they’ve proven to be as magnificent as a flock of snow geese in flight or a sunrise over Yosemite Valley. This month, we celebrate one of these hidden treasures in our newest episode of 2-MINUTE WONDERS.

Yep, we’ve made a film about dandelions. What could be more common or mundane? How could these ordinary plants possibly be considered a “wonder” of the natural world?  Just take a couple of minutes to watch and listen … then, I think you’ll understand why I’m not completely out of my mind.

These prolific little flowers and the billowy white blow balls they generate each spring and summer, are unmistakable examples of superb engineering and innovative design. And when you observe them at close range you can almost hear them holler: Stop and consider the wondrous works of God!

Share UPLIFTING STORY with your kids and grandkids. Then take a walk out into a vacant lot and launch a hundred seeds into the sky.

Thank you so much for your interest, encouragement and support. You make our work possible and it’s an honor to share these videos with you each month. We pray that during this time of uncertainty and apprehension, these small journeys into creation will serve as vivid reminders that God is as near and real as the natural wonders that surround us everywhere we look.

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