This Easter will be my 70th. When I was a kid, I remember getting up early to hunt for candy eggs and packages of baseball cards (a unique Allen family tradition). Then I’d get dressed up (it was the only day of the year I’d wear a tie) and walk with my family a few blocks to church. It was always a happy occasion that I looked forward to celebrating.

I suspect the first Easter Sunday morning in Jerusalem wasn’t nearly as idyllic as my childhood experiences in Southern California. Jesus had been crucified two days earlier. His disciples—who had lived with Him for three years, witnessed His miracles, and heard Him predict His own death and resurrection—were now hiding for their lives. Their dreams of basking in the reign of the promised Messiah were shattered. Fear had a death-grip on their hearts and minds.

Their behavior fascinates me because it represents compelling evidence for the validity and power of Christ’s resurrection. First, the disciples didn’t believe the women’s reports of the empty tomb on Sunday morning because they were certain Jesus was dead … and He wasn’t coming back. Then, shortly after, they became fearless defenders of the faith and catalysts for the rise of Christianity throughout the Roman world. What happened? They saw the living, breathing, walking, talking Jesus with their own eyes. Today, I’m posting a short video we produced that explores this remarkable TRANSFORMATION.

For Jesus’ disciples, the power of the resurrection conquered all fear. I believe that still holds true for us today. That’s a comforting reality during these times of rampant apprehension and uncertainty. He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.     ~ 1 Peter: 1:3

From all of us at Illustra Media, have a blessed Easter.

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