A Monarch’s Journey

During the past 30 months we’ve worked hard to expand our presence in the digital universe. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email offer incredible portals to the world. I love being able to send a film to someone 2000 miles away … with just a click of the mouse.

A few weeks ago we announced our plan to produce a new 12-part video collection called WONDER—FULL LIFE:  Finding God in the Living World. We believe these 5-10 minute films will enhance our global distribution and ministry objectives … and provide you with more thought-provoking material to share via social media.

The promotion of WONDER—FULL LIFE will be based partially on the frequent release of short video trailers. We call them 2-MINUTE WONDERS.  These concise videos (two-three minutes each) will showcase some of creation’s greatest wonders–natural phenomena we’ve explored the past 23 years. Many of them will be featured in WONDER—FULL LIFE. We believe these visually stunning “shorts” will capture the eyes and interest of people as they quickly scroll through their Facebook news feeds or email in-boxes.

Our pilot episode of 2-MINUTE WONDERS was photographed during two trips I took to the Sierra Madre Mountains in central Mexico. On both occasions I headed up a film crew that documented one of the most spectacular events in the animal kingdom—the migration of the North American Monarch butterfly. To stand in a forest crackling with the sound of millions of beating wings is indescribable. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything more wondrous

I invite you now to take two minutes and watch A MONARCH’S JOURNEY. I hope it inspires you. Then, after watching, take another moment to let me know what you think about this type of presentation (my email address is: lad@illustramedia.com). We are still in the formative stages of developing these promotional materials and value your input.

One more thing. If you liked what you saw, how about forwarding this video to 40 or 50 of your social media contacts?  It’s an easy way to reach the world. Thanks for your interest, prayers and feedback.

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