2 Minute Wonder – Perseverance

During expeditions to Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Canada over the past 25 years, I’ve had several opportunities to photograph the magnificent Pacific salmon. They are incredible creatures and optimal examples of intelligent design.

Initially, I knew little about salmon except for their spectacular leaping ability (I’d seen many pictures of them ascending waterfalls). But my limited perception changed dramatically when I dug into the research. These stunning creatures are truly biological marvels.

Pacific salmon hatch in freshwater rivers and streams, but spend 1-4 years in the Pacific Ocean where they mature to adulthood. Then, often hundreds of miles from shore, a complex physiological system alerts the fish that it’s time to spawn and lay their eggs in the same locations where they were born years earlier.

Somehow, they relentlessly battle back to their native waters guided by their acute sense of smell and a complex navigational system in their brains. Nothing short of death will terminate their journey. Watch 2 MINUTE WONDER – PERSEVERANCE  to catch a glimpse of this remarkable migration click here.

Since the launch of our new 2-MINUTE WONDERS video collection we’ve been thrilled by the responses from all over the world. This condensed format seems ideal for social media. It is also proving to be an excellent means of promoting the expanded version videos in our WONDER-FULL LIFE and John 10:10 Project collections.

Thanks for your interest and your help. Your gifts enable us to produce these films, and your social media presence helps take them to the world. Awesome!

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