Birds of the Sun

Ten years ago, Jerry and I packed up our camera gear and headed north to Alaska. Our goal was to find and film one of the world’s most remarkable animal species—the Arctic terns. Every year these small (they weigh less than five ounces) birds make the longest documented round-trip migration on Earth. Their odyssey from the North Pole to Antarctica and back again can cover more than 45,000 miles.

Our pre-production research indicated that a location called Potter’s Marsh was a good place to look. I remember being really tired after a red-eye flight to Anchorage from Los Angeles, but I was so anxious to see the birds that—after dropping our suitcases off at the hotel—I headed out to find them. I wasn’t disappointed.

For a week, we followed and photographed these incredible creatures. They are marathon travelers, and their biology is stunning evidence for God’s ever-present design and purpose in the living world. In our newest John 10:10 Project video BIRDS OF THE SUN we explore an Arctic tern’s life cycle and celebrate another unforgettable wonder of creation. Enjoy the journey!

We never tire of making videos like this one. It’s impossible to work on these shows and not be overwhelmed by how clearly God’s existence and power call out to us through everything He has made. Thanks for all you do to help make the John 10:10 Project possible. Your prayers and financial support are such blessings.

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