A Whale of a Story

Of all the many fascinating things Jerry Harned and I have photographed during the past 38 years, our experiences with humpback whales rank near the top of the list. We’ve been blessed by numerous opportunities to work in close proximity (sometimes less than 20 feet) of these majestic giants, and the sensation of being sprayed or splashed by a 40 foot, 40-ton animal is incredible.

The thrills have extended beyond our close physical encounters. You see, like all whales, humpbacks present compelling evidence for intelligent design … and some difficult problems for advocates of Darwinian evolution. How does a warm blooded, air-breathing mammal thrive in a fully aquatic environment?  For a quick look at some of the challenges and answers, take a few minutes to watch our newest John 10:10 Project video A WHALE OF A STORY. I think you’ll enjoy the cruise and the riveting evidence for the existence of a Creator. And don’t worry about getting wet along the way. The spectacle of whales breaching high into the air is well worth a little moisture.

We’ll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Illustra Media throughout 2022. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support through the years.

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