Before starting Illustra Media is 1997, Jerry Harned, Jim Adams and I made films for Moody Institute of Science. There was a catch phrase that was popular within the organization: Nature had it first. Basically, it meant that many important advancements in modern technology were originally inspired by the biological designs of animals and plants (each created by the master Engineer).

Aviation pioneers from Leonardo DaVinci to the Wright brothers studied bird wings as they laid the early foundations for human flight. The honeycomb structure in beehives led to many forms of strong, lightweight architecture. NASA scientists copied the texture of shark skin to produce a friction and drag reducing coating now used on many large marine vessels. And the hooked barbs of a cocklebur pod (that bind so easily to a dog’s hair and a hiker’s socks) became Velcro.

In our newest John 10:10 Project video, we take a close look at the winged seeds of a maple tree–another remarkable example of “biomimicry”. As a kid, I remember collecting them, throwing them into the air, and then marveling as a squadron of natural helicopters hovered slowly to earth. Little did I know that more than 50 years later, I’d be writing a script about their finely tuned aerodynamic design that has inspired the development of several prototypes for miniature single-winged aircraft. Once again, nature had it first.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the premier of our newest John 10:10 Project video, WHAT-A-WING!  After watching, please share it with your friends … then go outside, find some seeds and let ‘em fly!  Enjoy.

From all of us at Illustra Media and the John 10:10 Project, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your encouragement and support make our hearts soar with gratitude every day.

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