God is in the Details

For anyone who has followed the ministry of Illustra Media over the past couple of decades, the statement I’m about to make will come as no surprise: I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY LOVE BUTTERFLIES!

Since 1989, Jerry Harned and I have studied these stunning insects, written about them, and followed them across North, Central, and South America in an effort to document their life cycles and anatomies. They are creatures that reflect some of the most compelling evidence for intelligent design that I’ve ever encountered.

In previous films we’ve focused primarily on either the process of metamorphosis (the transformation from caterpillar into winged insect) or the transcontinental migration of the monarch butterfly. Today we’ll take a very different look at these magnificent creations. Using images captured by scanning electron microscopes and razor-sharp macro lenses, you’ll view a butterfly’s body in ways you may never have seen it before: thousands of individual lenses skillfully arranged on the surface of each compound eye, a hair-thin drinking straw and complex feeding system, tiny wing scales that work like solar panels…each of these details is a masterpiece of biological engineering and a work of art.

We’re pleased to premiere the newest video in the John 10:10 Project collection:  GOD IS IN THE DETAILS.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. Thanks for sharing this short film with your family, friends and social media contacts.

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