The Call of Creation

It’s a new month and time for another NEW FILM. In some respects, this one is a six-minute exclamation point on the work we’ve done throughout this year, and the three-plus decades that preceded it.

Since Jerry and I started working together in 1984, one passage of Scripture has been foundational to pretty much everything we’ve produced. In Romans 1:19,20 the Apostle Paul described a truth that applies to everyone who ever has or will set foot on this planet: God reveals Himself to each of us through the things He has made.

What a concept! Every molecule, every blade of grass, and every galaxy in the universe is actually a heavenly megaphone blaring out – 24/7/365 – that an eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, compassionate, artistic, loving God is real and alive.

Take a moment to reflect on that fact and then celebrate the Creator who not only made us, but also desires to inspire and assure us with the works of His hands. You’ll never look at an oak tree or a thunderhead the same way again. It is our distinct pleasure to present CALL OF CREATION.

Your encouragement, prayers, and financial support continue to make these videos possible. You bless us beyond any words I can speak or write. Thank you so much.

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