Beauty, Darwin & Design

Have you ever wondered why so many species of birds, reptiles, mammals, fish, insects, flowers and trees are so extravagantly beautiful?  Or, why the intricate pattern on a butterfly’s wings, the vibrant colors of tropical fish, and the stunning ornamentation on a male peacock’s tail can take your breath away?

Is the brilliant artistry, so prevalent throughout the living world, the result of a blind, random, undirected process? Or is it evidence of supernatural purpose and design? The answers lead to a fascinating case for a God who delights in His creation.

After more than two decades of admiring the beauty of nature, we decided to produce a film that explored some of its implications. This month, we’re pleased to announce the worldwide release of our newest John 10:10 Project video BEAUTY, DARWIN & DESIGN.

As you watch, reflect on the abundant beauty that fills the living world. For centuries, scientists, scholars and philosophers have recognized that in nature, aesthetic levels often far exceed the requirements of mere survival. Instead, the colors, patterns and shapes that adorn the plant and animal kingdoms are, in many cases, gratuitous–they exist for no other purpose than to just be beautiful.

When we see a portrait by Rembrandt or a statue sculpted by Michelangelo, we have no doubt they were created by master artists who planned every stroke of their chisel or brush. It’s no stretch of logic to reach a similar conclusion about the Creator of an eagle, dolphin or daffodil.  We hope you enjoy this memorable tour of God’s extraordinary gallery. It’s filled with beauty beyond description.

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