Fuel for the Journey

For me, September 1 has always marked the end of summer. However, this year it seems like March through August have been compressed into one big, never-ending season where you not only forget what month it is, but also whether it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Strange times.

Throughout the pandemic, God has consistently laid a couple of things on my heart: a deeper awareness of the devastating power of doubt and the importance of encouragement. As doubt runs rampant in the world, it is more urgent than ever that we reach out to each other with words and deeds that will inspire hope within heavy hearts and minds. This week I’m going to give it my best shot.

Several years ago, Jerry Harned and I were privileged to interview Lynn Anderson.  He is the founder of Hope Network Ministries, a beloved pastor, and the author of several books that explore how, as Christians, we can find some victory in our ongoing battles with fear, despair and uncertainty. Lynn is also one of the wisest and most genuine human beings I have ever known.

From that interview we produced a series of five short John 10:10 Project videos titled FUEL FOR THE JOURNEY. Watch the introductory episode, I think you’ll be so moved by Lynn’s story that you’ll also want to watch episodes 2–5.

Today, honest, Spirit-filled insight is in short supply. That’s why I’m so pleased to share these videos. I pray they will bless you on your personal journey toward a deeper, more meaningful faith.

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