An Everyday Miracle

Jerry and I have worked on a lot of films over the years, and in their own unique ways they’ve all been special. But if I had to pick one that was my favorite (a terrible thing to ask a filmmaker to do, given that we sometimes come to think of them as “our kids”), I’d be hard pressed not to choose a documentary we finished and released in 2011 – METAMORPHOSIS: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies.

Why did I enjoy working on this film so much? There are many reasons. The subject matter was physically beautiful (it’s tough to top a tiger swallowtail flashing its yellow and black wings on a summer afternoon). The locations where we filmed were glorious (including a forest in central Mexico 7000 feet above sea level). And the science involved revealed fascinating and compelling evidence for the existence of God.

The heart of our film was an exploration of one of the most mysterious events in nature – the transformation of a small, slow, earth-bound caterpillar into a magnificent flying insect. This process has been called “butterfly magic.” I agree. During eight months of production photography, I spent more than one hundred hours watching and waiting for the big moment when the chrysalis would crack, and a wing would start to appear. It never failed to take my breath away.

For many years, Jerry and I have considered editing our 64-minute documentary into a condensed length that could easily be watched in schools, churches, homes, or on your phone in a dentist’s waiting room. The life cycle of a butterfly is a must-see event everyone should observe … and the opportunity just got easier.

This month we are pleased to present one of the truly great wonders of God’s creation in a video specially edited for The John 10:10 Project website. We hope you enjoy AN EVERYDAY MIRACLE.

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