First Life

In 1982, a friend introduced to me to a book that would have a profound impact on my life. It was titled Evolution: Possible or Impossible? In it, James F. Coppedge presented a series of clear and compelling arguments for intelligent design. Each addressed a timeless question: How did life on Earth begin?

Thirty-eight years ago, I knew almost nothing about molecular biology, genetics, or the incredible microscopic machinery that exists inside every living cell. Yet, as I read the book, it became increasingly obvious that the first cells to appear on our planet were organisms so complex and sophisticated in their design that they could never have formed through the blind, undirected interactions of nonliving matter and energy in a primordial sea.

I was inspired to learn more and in the decades that followed Jerry Harned and I have been blessed to work with scholars and scientists (many affiliated with the Discovery Institute) who were also searching for answers to life’s most fundamental mystery. Their work helped shaped our newest John 10:10 Project video.

This month we are pleased to announce the release of FIRST LIFE.

This thought-provoking video is part of our new WONDER-FULL LIFE collection. Watch it now and then share it with all your social media contacts.

FIRST LIFE explores a familiar evolutionary theory for the origin of life to reveal how materialistic explanations fall woefully short in their attempts to explain life’s beginnings—without the intervention of a supernatural designer. A highlight of the video is a whimsical race to cross from one side of the universe to the other … before one simple cell can assemble itself by chance. Spoiler alert: Don’t bet on chance!

We love the opportunity to share new videos with you every month. We’re praying that they help illuminate one of the greatest truths about God: Daily He reveals His reality, power and divine nature to us though the things He has made. I hope you enjoy FIRST LIFE.

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