The Elephant’s Trunk

When I was a young boy growing up in southern California, my folks would often take my sister and me to the San Diego Zoo.  The minute we’d walk through the entrance, I’d head directly to the elephant exhibit.  Big, slow moving, and always easy to see (they couldn’t hide in their cages like lions or monkeys), elephants fascinated me.

We’d buy bags of peanuts and throw them into the open enclosure.  I still remember how they’d carefully pick them up with their trunks—one nut at a time. It was like they had a giant arm and hand, capable of movements that demonstrated remarkable finesse. At the time, I had no idea that, decades later, I’d be producing a film that would showcase the extraordinary abilities of one of the most brilliantly engineered biological mechanisms in the living world.

We’re excited to present the newest episode (#115!) in the ever-growing John 10:10 Project video collection. I hope you enjoy watching THE ELEPHANT’S TRUNK as much as we did making it.  Share it with your kids and grandkids—then take them to the zoo…and tell the elephants, “Lad Allen sent us.”

We continue to be deeply blessed by your encouragement, prayers and financial support. It is a privilege to produce these glimpses of the character, grace, and creative power of our living God.

Please continue to share these videos with your family, friends, and social media contacts.  Thanks.

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