Absolutely Awn-som

As the world keeps getting more complicated, I thought it might be a good idea to share a video that I hope will put a smile on your face and a spark of wonder in your heart. No pandemic. No protests. No heated rhetoric. Just five minutes of sheer, jaw-dropping awe for what God has done in creation.

Actually, this new release is the conclusion of a trilogy I started thinking about last year. One morning, I was jolted by a flash of inspiration while standing in the shower: let’s produce some videos about subject matter that the rest of the world either totally ignores or doesn’t even know exists!  We’d have a wide-open playing field because no other filmmakers on the planet would touch this content with a ten-foot pole.  Jerry was up for it, so we started working last November.

In January 2020 we released Packages of Life – a video that explored the cones on an unusual pine tree. In April, it was dandelions and Uplifting Story. Now, in June we cap off this epic adventure with (drum roll please) … ABSOLUTELY AWN-SOME – a look at the extraordinary seeds of a plant known as “stork’s bill”.

There was method to this madness. Our plan was to search for evidence of God’s design and purpose in unlikely corners of nature. It’s easy to appreciate the physical marvels of an eagle in flight or a butterfly’s emergence from a chrysalis. Everyone agrees those are sensational demonstrations of the created order. But the evidence of God’s existence extends beyond such obvious displays. As Jerry and I discovered, it also shines in the life cycles of plants that most consider to be nothing more than ordinary.

This journey into the plant kingdom has been a real joy and we’ve marveled at the brilliance of God’s design and purpose each step of the way. His provisions are limitless and even the most commonplace organisms are works of engineering and art.

I hope you enjoy ABSOLUTELY AWN-SOME. Thanks for helping to make its production possible.

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