My Favorite Season

Last week we completed and released our newest John 10:10 Project film,
My Favorite Season. The response to this four-minute celebration of the arrival of spring and the resurrection of Jesus was so favorable we’ve decided to send it out again … this time with a special request.

Our desire is to reach a global audience between now and Easter. Since our entire John 10:10 video library is available to watch free of charge, there is only one obstacle to achieving our objective: effective large-scale distribution. That’s where you can help.

My Favorite Season is an ideal way to share the message of God’s creative power, forgiveness and love with family members, friends, marginal acquaintances, and (through the viral power of Facebook, Instagram, email and Twitter) people you’ve never met in your life!

Just post the video on your social media platforms, or forward it via email between now and Easter Sunday. If 25 percent of our mailing list helps us, we could reach a hundred of thousand people during the next 96 hours.

We deeply appreciate your support. Your gifts and prayers have made the production of our films possible. And now—with a few clicks of your computer– you can also be an important part of our distribution team.  So post, tweet and email up a storm! Thanks so much.

Have a wonderful Easter.

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