The Exodus Explored

More than 17 years ago, I organized a road trip that turned out to be the most complex, challenging and exhilarating experience of my career as a filmmaker. We traveled to the Middle East in search of evidence for one of the most significant and controversial events in history: Israel’s exodus from Egypt.

For three weeks, we filmed in northern Egypt (the Biblical “Land of Goshen”), the Sinai Peninsula and the waters of the Red Sea. We also worked with documentary filmmakers who had recently returned from Saudi Arabia. We believed that if Old Testament accounts of the Exodus were accurate, then quantifiable evidence should exist.

The end product of this great adventure was a fascinating 80-minute documentary. Recently we edited it into 13 short video modules and posted them on The John 10:10 Project website (they’re in the “Evidence for Faith” category).

The Exodus story is foundational to the Christian faith…and, believe me, it’s not a fable or a metaphor. As we discovered, the Israelite’s flight from slavery is supported by a wealth of historical, archeological and scientific evidence. Check out some of it in these latest additions to our website. The introduction to this new video collection is this month’s featured video.

I hope you enjoy walking in the footsteps of Moses and the children of Israel.

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